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Clips post 6/11/12

Photos: The Drums at Webster Hall (The WILD)

Photos: We Are Scientists at Brooklyn Bowl, 4/25/12 (QRO)

Photos: Alcoholic Faith Mission, You Won’t at Glasslands, 4/27/12 (QRO)

Photos: School of Seven Bells and Exitmusic at Le Poisson Rouge, 5/5/12 (The WILD)

Photos: We Are Serenades at Knitting Factory, 5/11/12 (The WILD)

Photos: Crystal Fighters and Is Tropical at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 5/23/12 (QRO)


My 2011 in music photography

I thought I’d compile some of my favorite pictures that I took in 2011. It’s been a great year, and I feel very accomplished with a significant amount of my output. These are some finer moments from Nashville and New York.

Deerhoof @ Mercy Lounge, 2/4

Tokyo Police Club @ Exit/In, 2/5

Oberhofer @ Mercy Lounge, 2/12

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Clips post 12/9/2011

I’ve been working, I just haven’t been updating this.

Photos: Florence + The Machine, Atlas Sound, And Yuksek At The Creators Project, NYC (American Songwriter)


CMJ 2011 coverage

American Songwriter:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Full marathon photo gallery


Active Child at Puma Union Square
Yuksek at Cameo Gallery
We Are Scientists at Pianos
Fool’s Gold Records 4th Anniversary
+Day 4 recap
+Day 5 recap


Photos: Friendly Fires and Theophilus London at Terminal 5 (QRO)

Sometimes people you like do things you don’t like, We Are Scientists and Chromeo edition

We Are Scientists just released the video for their new single, “I Don’t Bite.”

“I Don’t Bite” is my favorite song off of Barbara. In typical WAS fashion, the video is pretty funny, showing Keith Murray and Chris Cain sitting in the back of a car and going through numerous costume changes. However, their use of a Native headdress as a prop is not exactly in good taste, especially considering how many of their songs revolve around alcohol. Fortunately, it’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it thing and it’s not up to Ke$ha levels, but it was definitely a lapse in judgment.

Another thing I’ve been finding bothersome is the album art for Chromeo’s forthcoming album Business Casual.

Chromeo have used legs imagery before, but in those contexts, it seemed justifiable. It might have still not been the best idea, but it went along with the idea of “Fancy Footwork” and made some sense. However, to anyone with eyes, the Business Casual cover depicts some straight up good old-fashioned objectification. The woman shown is having a fun, sexy day at the office–and is reduced to just her bum and legs. She’s also making copies, the sort of menial task that the glass ceiling prevents women from rising above. Certainly, the idea of a sexy secretary is still highly prevalent, but couldn’t they have at least used a picture of a hot, fierce CEO kicking back in her corner office with her face showing? Sexuality is undeniably a defining element of the Chromeo package, but they could have handled this a different way. (Not judging an album by its cover, Business Casual is a damn fine record and you can listen to it here before it releases on September 14.)

Just because We Are Scientists and Chromeo have done these things doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop liking them. These two examples are pretty tame, considering what John Mayer fans went through. However, it’s still disappointing. They’re well-educated people, and they should know better.

Live: We Are Scientists @ Slim’s – San Francisco – 7 August 2010

We Are Scientists’ career has been difficult to pin down. When debut album With Love And Squalor was released in 2006, they assumed the role of major label band with indie cred, which they kept when they switched from Virgin to EMI for 2008’s Brain Thrust Mastery. With their most recent album, Barbara, they’ve decided to release it on their own–and with the current state of record labels, why wouldn’t they?

This past Saturday marked the fourth time that I have had the pleasure of seeing We Are Scientists. This is not an attempt to brag, merely a statement that they are brilliant live and worth seeing as many times as possible. I have seen them play for 1000 people, I have seen them play for 20 people, and I have seen them play for mostly disinterested people. No matter what, We Are Scientists are always armed with more than enough energy and humor to go around. This particular occasion featured a quip from Chris Cain about Yahoo.com, which I cannot recreate in any way textually that will make it seem anywhere near as funny. Cain and Keith Murray have been playing together for a decade, something made obvious as they tore through a tight set containing half of Barbara, plus plenty of favorites from With Love And Squalor and Brain Thrust Mastery. While We Are Scientists will probably not radically affect the way you think about music–three-piece guitar bands do have their limits–but they know how to put on a show. Their friendship and wine-fueled wit are undeniably charismatic, and if the band is having fun, you should, too.


Top Eight Thursday: 10 June 2010 – Goal! England

1. Free Energy – “Bang Pop”
2. We Are Scientists – “Goal! England”
3. Das Racist – “Shorty Said (Gordon Voidwell Remix)”
4. The Hood Internet – “Rude Baptism (Rihanna vs. Crystal Castles)”
5. Vampire Weekend – “Jonathan Low”
6. Sleigh Bells – “Infinity Guitars”
7. Das Racist – “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”
8. M.I.A. – “XXXO”

Listen here.

This has been a weird week, apparently. If you’re shopping around for a summer jam, “Bang Pop” is an effortlessly catchy contender. I listened to “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” a couple of times when it became a meme, but never really gave much thought to Das Racist until I saw a couple of Tumblr posts about “Shorty Said” and decided to try listening to more of their work. In an odd, patchy way, I’ve slowly been getting into more hip hop this year.

We Are Scientists consistently prove themselves to be some of the funniest guys in music. In celebration of the World Cup and forthcoming album Barbara, they’ve recorded a football anthem that is available free here.

New Music Videos: We Are Scientists and Avi Buffalo

We Are Scientists – “Nice Guys”

This video is for the second single off of upcoming album Barbara, “Nice Guys.” True to Scientist form, this video will make you chuckle/chortle/giggle and features frontman Keith Murray riding a children’s scooter and falling over many, many times. He also eats a sandwich and hangs out with some squirrels. For those singing along, the lyrics are subtitled. Or are they?

Avi Buffalo – “What’s In It For?”

I can’t get enough of Avi Buffalo lately. The Long Beach babies’ self-titled debut album is perfect for these days as we shift into summer. The hazy, surreal video for “What’s In It For?” matches up perfectly, although the images of CGI neon aquatic life sprouting above ground are quite frankly kind of eerie, considering that middle Tennessee got over a foot of rain this weekend and is a federally-declared disaster area.

Download “What’s In It For?”

Live: We Are Scientists with Drink Up Buttercup @ The 5 Spot – Nashville – March 23, 2010

After spending some time hanging out in their mystic sci-cave bunker and working on some comedy shorts for MTV UK, We Are Scientists are back. At the 80-capacity 5 Spot in Nashville, the Brooklyn-via-SoCal trio previewed material from their upcoming album Barbara, accompanied by sunny psych-rockers Drink Up Buttercup. The Scientists seem to be getting back to their roots, with new songs sounding closer to the aggressively danceable rock of 2006’s With Love And Squalor, which should be welcome news for those left politely puzzled by the more adventurous follow-up Brain Thrust Mastery. Singer/guitarist Keith Murray and bassist Chris Cain did not disappoint, with plenty of their trademark comedic swagger to go around. Their live chemistry comes with a practiced ease, and early singles like “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” and “The Great Escape” still sound as fresh as they did four years ago. Once again, We Are Scientists proved themselves to be a band made truly exceptional by the strength of their live performance. The stage banter alone is an unmissable experience that must be seen to be believed.

Nice Guys
I Don’t Bite
This Scene Is Dead
Let’s See It
Rules Don’t Stop
Nobody Move
The Great Escape
Jack & Ginger
After Hours

For more information, check the sci-cave.