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Music Diary Project Day 3

I started the morning off right with Cut Copy’s Zonoscope, which is surely one of the finest albums of the year. That led into You & I by Cut Off Your Hands in my music library, which I never got super into, though “In The Name Of Jesus Christ” is raw and delicate in all the right ways.

A classmate and I drove approximately two blocks to see whether or not we had to meet. We did not, and celebrated the opportunity to be even lazier. “S&M” by Rihanna came on the radio in her car.

I listened to the upcoming Architecture In Helsinki album Moment Bends while eating lunch, befitting the pleasant weather. Afterward, I drove to Grimey’s (I don’t live there) and then Frothy Monkey and had the Strokes’ Is This It playing in my car. More specifically, it was the international version that I bought when I was in Ireland last year, which has the above cover art and the track “New York City Cops,” which I immediately skipped to. I know it’s extra pretentious that my favorite Strokes song is one that doesn’t come standard in the country I live in, but it’s just such a great tune.

At Frothy Monkey, I listened to the new Beastie Boys song, “Make Some Noise,” and watched the trailer for Crazy, Stupid, Love, which includes “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear and “Black Holes and Revelations” by Muse. I put on Hype Machine’s mix of Destroyer songs, as I was asked to cover their show this weekend, and then listened to the Hood Internet’s Mixtape Vol. 5 while sorting my pictures from the Warpaint show last night.

In the evening, I was in a carpool to go have dinner for a friend’s birthday party, and the girl who was driving was going for some middle school church camp steez* with Plus One. Afterward, I was part of the contingent that ended up at Sweet CeCe’s, which had a GAC special on Sugarland playing on the TV. I attempted to foster a healthy debate on why Lady Antebellum is a politically incorrect band name.

When I got back to my place, Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig’s Paul Simon cover was one of the first things I saw on Twitter. Now, I am listening to Das Racist’s Shut Up, Dude.

*I never went to church camp when I was in middle school (or ever), but that’s what I imagine it’s like.


Top Eight Thursday: 10 June 2010 – Goal! England

1. Free Energy – “Bang Pop”
2. We Are Scientists – “Goal! England”
3. Das Racist – “Shorty Said (Gordon Voidwell Remix)”
4. The Hood Internet – “Rude Baptism (Rihanna vs. Crystal Castles)”
5. Vampire Weekend – “Jonathan Low”
6. Sleigh Bells – “Infinity Guitars”
7. Das Racist – “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”
8. M.I.A. – “XXXO”

Listen here.

This has been a weird week, apparently. If you’re shopping around for a summer jam, “Bang Pop” is an effortlessly catchy contender. I listened to “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” a couple of times when it became a meme, but never really gave much thought to Das Racist until I saw a couple of Tumblr posts about “Shorty Said” and decided to try listening to more of their work. In an odd, patchy way, I’ve slowly been getting into more hip hop this year.

We Are Scientists consistently prove themselves to be some of the funniest guys in music. In celebration of the World Cup and forthcoming album Barbara, they’ve recorded a football anthem that is available free here.