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Top Eight Thursday: 29 April 2010 + Beach House live @ Mercy Lounge Nashville 28 April

Listen here

1. Sleigh Bells – “Tell ‘Em”
2. Cold War Kids – “Saint John”
3. Cold War Kids – “Audience”
4. Avi Buffalo – “Summer Cum”
5. Local Natives – “World News”
6. Julian Casablancas – “4 Chords of the Apocalypse”
7. Avi Buffalo – “Five Little Sluts”
8. MGMT – “Congratulations”

Avi Buffalo’s self-titled debut album came out this Tuesday, as did the US release of Two Door Cinema Club’s Tourist History.

With everything new I hear from them, I get more excited for Sleigh Bells’ proper album. Download “Tell ‘Em” here. (Via Pitchfork)

Speaking of excellent girl-boy duos, I went to Beach House’s sold-out show at Nashville’s Mercy Lounge last night. It was completely packed and I couldn’t see anything other than the rotating silver tinsel pyramids that they had dangling from the ceiling, but I assure you that they sounded fantastic. Victoria LeGrand’s voice is just as–if not more–moving and soothing in person. Beach House doesn’t seem like the kind of music where an intense stage presence is necessary, though. I’ve been really quite impressed with all of the live music I’ve seen so far this year, Drake aside. In an attempt to make up for this non-review, check out this interview they did with Under The Radar.


Live: Julian Casablancas @ Cannery Ballroom – Nashville – 27 April 2010

Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas brought his solo material to Nashville’s Cannery Ballroom, promoting his debut album Phrazes For The Young. He opened his set with “Ludlow St.,” followed by most of Phrazes, including “11th Dimension,” “Tourist,” and “Out of the Blue.” His solo work features a denser, more electronic sound. Additionally, Casablancas included Strokes hit “Hard To Explain” and a stripped-down version of “You Only Live Once” that probably reduced at least one person to tears. He showed his sense of humor with his rendition of Saturday Night Live’s “I Wish It Was Christmas Today,” though “Boombox” was notably absent, as were fingerless gloves. Casablancas performs with all of the easygoing swagger expected of such a veteran–Nashville crowds are known for being fairly sedate, but not on this night.

Casablancas was accompanied by Haim, featuring three long-haired girls whose sound recalls the raw, gritty good ol’ days of Kings of Leon more than any of those ubiquitous long-haired girl bands. Members of Haim also joined Casablancas in his backing band.