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Music Diary Project Day 2


The first album I listened to today was Holy Ghost!’s upcoming self-titled album, at around 11 am. Let me preface this by saying that I am a big nerd; it started with my parents shielding me from everything that they deemed trendy, then I just became the sort of person who spends an extraordinary amount of time staring at a computer and can argue about the merits of various Doctor Who companions. When I heard this album for the first time on Friday, driving around wearing my (fake) leather jacket and non-Wayfarer Ray-Bans (I can’t wear a more iconic style due to my high prescription), I felt like a legitimately cool person. This is something that rarely happens to me, but listening to Holy Ghost! brought on a total confidence boost. Their sound is just so refreshing, and they’re a DFA band tipped to pick up where LCD Soundsystem left off. Holy Ghost!’s live act isn’t too shabby, either, from what I can remember from seeing them open for Chromeo last August. The album is currently streaming on Hype Machine.

After that, I finished up my review of the Kills’ Blood Pressures and listened to about half of Midnight Boom as well in the process. “Love Is A Deserter” was somewhere in the mix as well, because that’s the first song I remember hearing from them.

In the evening, I went to see Warpaint perform in-store at Grimey’s (pictured above). My friend Jess had Sirius XMU playing in her car. I don’t remember all of the songs, but there were tracks by Ratatat and Tobacco somewhere in there. “Rich Girls” by the Virgins definitely was playing on the way back, and I will not apologize for still liking it despite the seeming fakeness of the band. Anyways, Grimey’s was playing some Delicate Steve before the band went on. Warpaint had to play as a three-piece because Emily was sick and resting up for the main show later on, but I still enjoyed hearing them live way more than I had on record–maybe it’s the bass sounding stronger?

I went back to my apartment for a brief stop to eat dinner, sort photos, and watch two episodes of Parks and Recreation. Then, it was off to Mercy Lounge to see Warpaint again. I listened to more Holy Ghost! on the way there, and I remember the venue playing “I Can Never Go Home Anymore” by the Shangri-Las as background music at one point. The Family Band were the first openers, and I totally zoned out, but I think that was the point. PVT played after that, and as Australians, they took it upon themselves to apologize for Keith Urban. The quartet Warpaint was even better than the trio Warpaint, those ladies sure know how to jam out.

I am now listening to James Blake to calm myself down before going to sleep, and I apologize for my 1:30 am voice.


Music Diary Project Day 1

Every day this week, I’ll be chronicling what music I listen to for the Music Diary Project.

Oberhofer 2/12/2011

I checked Twitter first thing this morning and Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino had posted a new song, so I listened to that. Soon after that, I felt compelled to make a slightly delayed playlist for the first quarter of 2011, which ended up looking like this:

1. Cut Copy – Need You Now
2. Theophilus London – Why Even Try? (ft. Sara Quin)
3. Oberhofer – Away FRM U
4. The Kills – Satellite
5. Die Antwoord – Rich Bitch
6. Arveene & Misk – Love & Lust
7. MSTRKRFT – Beards Again
8. Childish Gambino – Freaks & Geeks
9. Chromeo – Hot Mess
10. Das Racist – Swate
11. Kid Sister – Gucci Rag Top (ft. Gucci Mane)
12. Architecture in Helsinki – Contact High
13. Peter Bjorn and John – Breaker Breaker
14. Anna Calvi – Blackout
15. James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

These tracks aren’t in the order of how much I like them, I just hastily threw together what I thought would sound the best. I know some of these are on albums that came out last year, but I’m going with single/song releases. A twelve track mix probably would have been better, but oh well. You can listen to all of the songs here.

For the rest of the day, I’ve been working on my review of the Kills’ new album Blood Pressures, which drops tomorrow. I’ll be sharing my full thoughts on it soon enough, but it’s definitely very different from their previous material. I did take a break at 6 to go see the Apache Relay perform at Grimey’s. They’re a great alt-country band from Nashville, and I highly recommend their new album that’s dropping next week.

Bonus picture of what I ate for lunch. Multigrain toast with cream cheese/pesto spread, smoked salmon, and poached egg.


Top Eight Thursday: 17 March 2011

1. James Blake – Limit To Your Love
2. The Apache Relay – Lost Kid (free download)
3. Bag Raiders – Castles In The Air
4. Noah and the Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. (Fake Blood Remix) (free download)
5. James Blake – Give Me My Month
6. A-Trak – Me And My Sneakers (ft. Lupe Fiasco)
7. Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars
8. Yelawolf – Daddy’s Lambo

Listen here

I highly recommend copping both of those free downloads. The Apache Relay are a Nashville band that’s really going places, and Noah and the Whale and Fake Blood make a surprisingly good combination.