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Clips post 4/30/12

Photos: Friends @ Le Baron, 4/2/12 (QRO)

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Blog: Beach and Woods #2

Photos: Yuksek @ Santos Party House, 4/5/12 (QRO)

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Interview: Yuksek (The Wild part one, part two)

“I don’t know if it’s still the same, but 20 years ago, when I was 14, America was the big thing. It was the country you loved and the country you wanted to go to, and you had the flag in your room and everything.”

Photos: Jonquil/Xylos/Darlings @ Union Pool, 4/14/12 (QRO)

Feature: Can You Tell Me How To Get To SXSW? (American Songwriter)

For up-and-coming musicians, playing at SXSW is the best opportunity to showcase their talents and impress the right people in the industry. However, since performances are typically unpaid, it takes a toll on the finances of artists whose careers have yet to fully launch. For those from other countries, the additional costs of traveling and acquiring American work visas are an extra burden.

Photos: Plants and Animals @ Mercury Lounge, 4/18/12 (QRO)

Interview: Coming to America With Housse de Racket (Prefix)