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Music Diary Project Day 4


Drove to work this morning listening to Discovery’s LP. I spent my time there listening to muffled versions of what my boss was listening to in the next room, which included the Black Crowes, Darwin Deez, Foster the People, and Grouplove (pictured). I’m really looking forward to the Foster the People album, “Pumped Up Kicks” and the MNDR remix are great.

Over lunch, I listened to Girls’ Album for the first time in a while, and it ended up being a much more diverse record than how I remembered it. When it first came out, I loved “Lust For Life” and “Big Bad Mean Motherfucker,” but dismissed most of the other songs. I think I’m going to keep giving it more of a chance. I also listened to this song from Matt Tong of Bloc Party, because I get very nostalgic for British rock music from 2004-2007.

After class, I drove to Grimey’s for the fourth time in as many days to sort something out (they know me now), still with Discovery in my car. Upon my return, I watched the trailer for the Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right – Revisited, which is pretty excellent and notably includes Will Arnett shouting “Come on!” That was followed by a listen of Check Your Head, then the semi-recent Childish Gambino EP after seeing the clip of Donald Glover on Fallon last night–hilarious.

I’m now listening to Kaputt by Destroyer. I’ve been thinking about how doing the Music Diary Project affects the way I listen to music, and I think it mainly causes me to listen to full albums more, because that’s easier to write about than “I just had a bunch of stuff on shuffle.”


Music Diary Project Day 1

Every day this week, I’ll be chronicling what music I listen to for the Music Diary Project.

Oberhofer 2/12/2011

I checked Twitter first thing this morning and Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino had posted a new song, so I listened to that. Soon after that, I felt compelled to make a slightly delayed playlist for the first quarter of 2011, which ended up looking like this:

1. Cut Copy – Need You Now
2. Theophilus London – Why Even Try? (ft. Sara Quin)
3. Oberhofer – Away FRM U
4. The Kills – Satellite
5. Die Antwoord – Rich Bitch
6. Arveene & Misk – Love & Lust
7. MSTRKRFT – Beards Again
8. Childish Gambino – Freaks & Geeks
9. Chromeo – Hot Mess
10. Das Racist – Swate
11. Kid Sister – Gucci Rag Top (ft. Gucci Mane)
12. Architecture in Helsinki – Contact High
13. Peter Bjorn and John – Breaker Breaker
14. Anna Calvi – Blackout
15. James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

These tracks aren’t in the order of how much I like them, I just hastily threw together what I thought would sound the best. I know some of these are on albums that came out last year, but I’m going with single/song releases. A twelve track mix probably would have been better, but oh well. You can listen to all of the songs here.

For the rest of the day, I’ve been working on my review of the Kills’ new album Blood Pressures, which drops tomorrow. I’ll be sharing my full thoughts on it soon enough, but it’s definitely very different from their previous material. I did take a break at 6 to go see the Apache Relay perform at Grimey’s. They’re a great alt-country band from Nashville, and I highly recommend their new album that’s dropping next week.

Bonus picture of what I ate for lunch. Multigrain toast with cream cheese/pesto spread, smoked salmon, and poached egg.